Our Beginning

The Grand Blanc Township Fire Department (GBTFD) began in 1924 with the purchase of the first fire engine, the model T fire truck shown in the photograph. The fire department served the Township of Grand Blanc, Mundy Atlas, and when the City of Grand Blanc was established in 1930. The volunteers provided service to the city also. In 1934 the fire department appointed Charles Stone as the first fire chief.


As with everything, changes occur, The fire department today serves the Township of Grand Blanc. Our department is a combination department with a Fire Chief, full and part-time/paid-on-call firefighters. All the members of our department are National Incident Management system compliant and are certified firefighters by the State of Michigan. We have five members that are accredited fire instructors and actively teach in the Genesee County Fire Academy. 

Our department responds to structure/vehicle/and wildland fires, personal injury accidents, hazmat incidents, water rescues, downed wires, public assists, and structural collapses. We have a fire inspection program that provides fire safety inspections for the businesses of Grand Blanc. We offer year-round fire prevention and safety programs to the local school children and residents. Also, GBTFD provides fire services under a Joint Fire Operating Agreement (Mutual Aid) to 25 neighboring fire departments that protect 315,805 residents living in Genesee County, MI.

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