Outdoor Burning Guidelines

OPEN Outdoor Burning 

Outdoor Burning is open

Outdoor Burning Guidelines - (Township Residents Only) - General Rules & Directions

  • Outdoor burning can be restricted at any time by the fire department.
  • Only logs, tree limbs, clean lumber, and brush may be burned.
  • Burning of leaves, grass clippings, or any other materials is prohibited.
  • Citations are issued for the burning of petroleum products, which may result in a fine or jail time.
  • No petroleum-based products may be used to start the fire.
  • Burning must be on your own property or with the written consent of the property owner where the burning is
  • A responsible person of 18 years or older must be present.
  • Wind speed must be less than 10 miles an hour for outdoor burning.
  • This does not include charcoal fires for cooking in UL-approved barbeques.
  • The responsible party is to assure the fire does not endanger structures, vehicles, ground cover, or valuables. You are liable for all damage to property, which may occur as a result of the burning being done. 

OPEN Camp Fire Directions

Available throughout the year.

  • The size of the fire may not exceed 3 feet wide by 3 feet long by 2 feet high.
  • Fires must be extinguished by 1 am. They may not be left to smolder overnight.
  • A standard garden hose connected to a water supply must be present or a fire extinguishing agent must be readily available.
  • Fires shall not be located within 25 feet of a structure or combustible material.