Mosquito Control

Rose Pest Solutions encourages homeowners to contact them when there is standing water on your property so it can be treated appropriately. Rose Pest Solutions wants to meet with your organization, explain how to reduce the mosquito population, and help you enjoy a wonderful summer. Contact Rose Pest Solutions at 810-238-3071 or Toll-free at 800-437-6938 to have them schedule a presentation for your meeting.3

Mosquito Abatement Program Forms

Two forms can be used to help you and improve their Mosquito Abatement Program:

Complete the appropriate forms and send them to Rose Pest Solutions by:


How to Enjoy the Outdoors

Protect yourself, take precautions, and enjoy the outdoors by:

  • Applying any repellent product with DEET. For children use sunscreen and mosquito repellent with DEET. Some specific products that might work for you are: "Deep Woods Off with 40% DEET" and senior citizens and women might prefer "Skin So Soft with DEET, " because it does not feel greasy.
  • Wear long pants and shirts when outdoors.
  • If you are sitting outside, bring out a fan. Mosquitoes cannot fly in wind.

Weather conditions play a big part in the treatments available in the spring - cooler temperatures and winds over 10 miles-per-hour (per regulations), prevent the use of any ultra-low volume (ULV) spraying treatments by truck and/or backpack (which is normally used to treat inside wood lots during daytime and evening operations)

Spray Areas & Zones

Mosquito Spray Areas and Zones