DPW Fees for New Developments

Capital Fees

Capital Fees are charged to every new development in Grand Blanc Township to help offset costs for past and future installation and expansion of the Townships water and sewer infrastructure. These fees are calculated by both Grand Blanc Township and Genesee County who generally work together to determine the final amounts due. Capital Fees are due to both municipalities because both have infrastructure which requires long-range planning in order to provide continuous services to the Grand Blanc Community.


  • $2,600 Per Water Residential Equivalency Unit (REU)
  • $2,750 Per Sewer REU
  • $1,000 Per Water REU Genesee County Drain Commissioner (GCDC)
  • $1,000 Per Sewer REU GCDC

REUs are determined per the Genesee County Table of unit factors and calculated based on the size and use class of the development. The GCDC REU theory is based on the 10 States Standards and American Water Works Association (AWWA) best practices.

Inspection Fees

  • $700 Per 10 Hour Day Grand Blanc Township (GBT)
  • $1,000 Per 10 Hour Day Rowe Professional Services Company (PSC)

All Water and Sewer Construction projects are inspected by Grand Blanc Township Inspectors at the rate above. In some cases, our consulting engineer may provide inspection services if GBT is not available. Fees are paid in advance of the project beginning for the maximum amount of days planned for construction and any unused fees are refunded to the developer.

Plan Review Fees

These fees are used to compensate consultants for performing water and sewer capacity analysis reviews as well as storm sewer plan reviews and any needed water and sewer plan reviews. They are based on the construction value of the project.

Other Fees

Some other fees you might encounter during the review and construction process include:

  • GCDC Review Fees (Several)
  • Soil Erosion Review and Permit Fees
  • IPP Fees
  • Genesee County Road Commission Review and Permit Fees
  • Grand Blanc Township Water Meter Purchase Fees