What happens to taxable value when a property transfers ownership?

(If you just bought your home, you want to read this!)

In the year following the purchase of a property, the Taxable Value becomes equal to the Assessed Value. This is commonly referred to as “uncapping.” In the second year after a property is purchased, the Taxable Value is again capped, and may only increase by the Inflation Rate Multiplier (IRM) or 5%, whichever is less, provided there is no new construction or losses. In Michigan, taxes are based on Taxable Value. Taxable Value can never be greater than the Assessed Value.

When a property transfers ownership, the taxable value uncaps to the current assessed value.  This is one (1) of the impacts of Proposal A of 1994 that the voters of Michigan passed.  For an example:

2021 Taxable Value            105,000

2021 Assessed Value         150,000

Date of sale 07/01/2021

2022 Taxable Value            150,000

2022 Assessed Value         150,000

 This is a STATE law and the local government or board of review have no authority to change this impact.

 Link to bulletin 15 of 2021:


Link to bulletin 17 of 2021:


Unfortunately, Proposal A is typically no longer stressed to new buyers during the process of buying property in Michigan.  The officials at the Township are not aware of a transfer until after it occurs and become responsible for educating the new buyer.


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