How do I pay for the clean up?
  • Many homeowners' insurance policies exclude damage resulting from sewer backups. However, some insurance companies do provide sewer backup coverage. If you are concerned about the possibility of a sewer backup and want to ensure that you are covered, DPW urges you to check with your home insurer regarding the availability of sewer backup insurance.
  • Public Act 170 of 1964, as amended by Public Act 222 of 2001, requires that if you are seeking compensation for personal injury or property damage, you must show that the sewage disposal system had a defect; that the appropriate government agency knew, or reasonably should have known, about the defect; that the defect was not remedied by the government agency in a reasonable time; that the property damage or personal injury resulted because of the defect; and that you own and have related the value of the damaged personal property.
  • If any of the damaged property is personal property, reasonable proof of ownership and the value of the damaged personal property. Reasonable proof may include testimony or records documenting the ownership, purchase price, or value of the property, or photographic or similar evidence showing the value of the property.
  • If you contacted the Township in regards to a sewer problem at your residence, the Township will send out a claim form even though the Township may not be responsible for your problem so that you can provide proper notice to the Township of a claim for damages as a result of a sewer backup. The completed claim notice must be mailed to the:
    Charter Township of Grand Blanc
    P.O. Box 1833
    Grand Blanc, MI 48480-0057
  • Failure to provide the required notice may prevent the recovery of damages.

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