Crime Victim Information

Often, in the first hours, days, or weeks after the crime has been reported, you may feel lost or confused about what happens next. You may expect the officer to call and keep you informed about the case. This will not normally happen. Unless there are unusual circumstances, the case will usually be processed as follows:

  • The officer has issued you a number that identifies your case number. The officer will do as much follow-up investigation as possible, depending on the level of calls for service.
  • The officer will write the report and submit it for approval. The report is written on the same day it is taken. On occasion, it may be held for additional investigation prior to submission.
  • Once the report has been submitted and approved by the supervisor, the report is sent to Records to be filed as an official police document.
  • After filing, the Records Division may forward the report to the Detective Bureau where it will be assigned to a Detective who specializes in investigating that particular type of crime i.e.; burglary, assault, auto theft.
  • If there is workable suspect information, the investigator may continue to work on the case for resolution. If there is no workable information, there is nothing further that can be done beyond this point. You will not hear from the investigator unless new evidence comes to light, or your case becomes associated with another active case or with an arrest.
  • From the time the officer writes the report to the time, it is assigned takes approximately 1 to 3 working days. You may obtain the name of your investigator by calling during business hours, but you will not be able to obtain that information until the case has been assigned.
  • If you need to add information to your report, an officer will take a "supplemental" report to be added to the case, either by phone or in person.
  • If you would like a copy of your report, the fee is $4 for the first 4 pages and $0.25 for each page after the fourth one. Call to find out if the report is available to you before you come in to purchase a copy.
  • If your insurance agent has advised you that a copy of the report is needed in the event of a car crash, it can be obtained directly from the Police Department at the front desk.